Meeting the Educational Needs of Boys

We have taught boys since 1912. We partner our experience and knowledge with research findings to meet the ever developing educational needs of talented young men.

  1. Boys need a broad curriculum to encourage engagement and the pursuit of new opportunities and this is offered at North Sydney Boys.
  2. As boys tend to lag behind girls in literacy we focus on the teaching and learning of literacy in each subject, as well as offer a range of co-curricular extension workshops.
  3. We focus on the use of technology in teaching and learning as boys have a natural preference for technology. They also prefer hands-on and visual learning that technology supports.
  4. Research has proven that teachers have the most significant impact on educational success. We focus on developing quality relationships between teacher and students based on mutual respect.
  5. For boys, all rounded personal development underpins strong academic performance.  We understand the importance of a balanced life and encourage all boys to explore opportunities outside the classroom. Those who have been involved in all areas of the school typically have the most successful outcomes.