Opportunities for the Gifted and Talented Student

At North Sydney Boys we understand talented boys.  Our boys have exceptional talents in a range of areas and this creates and demands a unique teaching and learning environment; one that promotes challenge and creativity.

As a school community, we aim to develop the gifts of each student, so he can realise his potential.  We build on our students' talents, interests and learning needs and encourage them to persevere in their endeavours.

Extensive research in the area of gifted education consistently reveals the need for specialised teaching and learning in order to achieve the best for each individual.  We continue to evolve our programs to meet the needs of our students and teachers.

  1. We offer a broad curriculum and co-curricular program designed to explore and meet the above average abilities and diverse interests that gifted and talented students typically have.
  2. We offer challenging and enriched classes.  Students at North Sydney Boys have considerable opportunity to explore their subject areas in depth and pursue extension activities relevant to the syllabus. Classes are designed to be challenging, encourage higher order thinking and advanced problem solving.  Students in Years 11 and 12 study English at the Advanced level. Extension English, Languages, Maths, History and Music are also offered in Years 11 and 12 for students seeking further challenge beyond the standard courses.
  3. North Sydney boys have a breadth of opportunity open to them through the extension programs offered in every subject.  Competitions, challenges, workshops, camps, extension classes, performance showcases and Olympiad training are offered.